When my group got together during class we each had different ideas for the final project. After some deliberation, we all decided that we wanted to create a video as our digital media. We wanted to work with NJPIRG because it was a well-known non-profit organization and Jessica has an internship with them right now. I hope that the project runs smoothly. I envision the video to help out one of NJPIRG’s campaigns. I want it to be influential but also entertaining to the audience. Unfortunately, before we could start on our storyboard, we found out that working with NJPIRG was very limited because of the fact that only Jessica was involved with the organization. Therefore, we had to decide on a different non-profit organization to work with. Luckily, I recently got in touch with an alumni from an organization that I am a part of (Rutgers Association of Philippine Students) who told me about a non-profit organization he wanted to build on with us. I suggested this organization to my group and they agreed to work with them. So now, we’re working with St. John’s Education Foundation where their mission is to help fund a scholar in the Philippines and enable them to pursue their dream career.


Although, I’m content with our storyboard, I do wish that our group spent more time with discussing specifics of what we wanted the storyboard to consist of. Further, I was frustrated because not everyone contributed to the storyboard at all. It was difficult trying to gather everyone’s opinions on what we wanted to include in the storyboard primarily because some people weren’t responding as quickly nor efficiently as we needed. Moving on, my vision for the video is still the same. I still want this video to be informative and moving. I want to include a portion of interviews with Filipino-Americans about what education is like the in the United States and compare it to how it is in the Philippines. I really like the layout of our storyboard and what we plan on including in the video. For the most part, our group pretty much shares similar goals and visions with what we want to accomplish with this project and for St. John’s. As far as the storyboard, I plan to meet with my group outside of class to fine-tune it and include more details about where we see the project going. I think delegating responsibilities will also help make it more productive among all of us and ensuring that everyone does something from here on out.

St. John’s Education Foundation Storyboard



Top 5 Midterm Blogs

(In No Particular Order)

  1. Vailey Eberhard
    • The first thing I noticed when I came across Vailey’s blog is that the header she used is an actual photo of Easton Ave which I thought was a great choice as a header because of the fact that it related to the theme of her blog. I also thought that her choice of a domain was clever because of the alliteration that comes into play (eat and easton). When I scrolled through her blog I noticed that she included more than the requirement for the midterm project which was awesome because it made her blog that much more interesting to be on. For example, she included a poll for the audience to stumble upon and interact with. She also has a list of her own favorite places to go to. Her choice of media was a good one because of the fact that Hansel is no longer on Therefore, her screencast on how to order from their actual website is very helpful to those who have not used it. Furthermore, she included a slideshow widget on the righthand side which displays multiple photos of different restaurants on Easton Avenue. Her theme had a very clean look to it which was visually appealing.
  2. Carl Del Rosario
    • One of my favorite things on Carl’s blog was definitely his header. I thought it was clever to have one photo mirror itself as his header. Adding on, the photo itself was a great pick to represent his theme of poetry. With the microphone displayed in the photo, people can interpret that it was a snapshot of him presenting poetry through spoken word. I thought that his choice of media was very appropriate to the theme of his site because he recited his own poetry through a podcast. He was able to showcase both his professional side because it is basically an online poetry portfolio and his personal side because of what he says in the poems. Overall, I thought it was an awesome way to present himself professionally and personally through an online blog.
  3. Samuel Kim
    • I really liked Sam’s professional blog for multiple reasons. I thought that his selection of media was very appropriate and professional in the sense that he did a screencast showcasing his skill with troubleshooting. With this blog, he has the ability to show employers his actual skill instead of just saying he has a troubleshooting skill. I also like how he included a page designated to tutorials for his blog which allows users to easily navigate to his skills and how to do them. Not only did he do a screencast but he also included a written step-by-step process for those who want to follow along with the screencast.
  4. Jessica Lee
    • Jess chose to use an alternate website instead of WordPress. She used Wix which is actually a blog platform that I have never seen. I thought it was very interesting that she decided to do a different platform because when I clicked on her site I was very impressed with the design and format. Not only was it very clean to look at but it was also very organized with the menu on top. I like how she constructed an informative about me for people to really have an insight of who she is. Further, I like how she separated her photography and videography in two different sections.
  5. Amanda Crystal
    • I really like the concept of Amanda’s blog on Wix. There are a lot of DIY tutorials throughout the Internet but the fact that she constructed a website designated to all of her videos was a good choice. Visually, I really appreciated looking at her header and the format of her site. Her first post was a great introduction with what she does and even includes her modeling one of her projects. Her choice to create a video as her media was appropriate because she was able to demonstrate how to create a sharpie mug. I like how she even included a written process for people to follow along as well as a “read more” option after her preview text for people to want to click on.



When I first encountered this meme I could not stop laughing. This meme derives from an episode of the Fairly Oddparents on Nickelodeon where Timmy’s dad was showing him his collection of trophies—specifically the one he could’ve had. The person who created this meme swapped out Timmy’s dad’s head with two different headshots of Leonardo DiCaprio instead as a representation of how Leonardo DiCaprio is probably feeling after acting for so many years and not winning an oscar yet.

This year, however, Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar for the Revenant. Therefore, all of the Leo and Oscar memes are pretty much irrelevant now because of the fact that Leo finally has won an oscar. Regardless, I still think the Leo memes are really entertaining and it’s crazy to know that there is such a wide variety of different types of Leo memes.

To create a successful meme is to have it shared on multiple platforms on social media such as reblogs/likes/reposts. I say this because as I mentioned, there is a pool of memes out on the Internet so it would be better to have your meme stick out especially through different platforms. You want to create a meme that no one has thought of yet either because that attributes to the creativity of it. Further, you should use images/correlations that people can relate to and are familiar with. For example, there is a wide variety of people who have watched the Fairly Oddparents and are aware of how Leonardo DiCaprio has yet to win an oscar (prior to this past Oscars). Another thing to take into consideration is the quality of images and the text. There are multiple websites where you just have to upload the image and select the text you prefer and it’ll create it for you. One popular site is memegenerator, but it is really easy to just search for one on Google if you choose not to use that site.

If you go on KnowYourMeme, you have the ability to see the origin and when it first became popular as a meme!

More Leonardo DiCaprio Memes


Creative Process for the Midterm

When I first started working on the midterm project, the first dilemma I had was choosing a domain. I knew I wanted to do a professional blog this time around but I had already used my name for my personal blog as the domain. I decided to just add my middle initial to my full name as a domain which wasn’t the most creative thing, but I believe it made the most sense.

In terms of choosing a theme for my blog, I chose to do a theme that emphasized my header so I could display a self-portrait. Instead of choosing a specific skill of mine for this blog, I decided to just make it a general professional profile. By doing this, I have the ability to showcase multiple skills instead of just focusing on one. For example, I chose to do a screencast of how to do Basic HTML to highlight my skills on the computer. I thought that by doing the screencast, not only am I able to tell my employer that I know how to do basic HTML, but I can even show it through the screencast.

The next thing I chose to include in my blog was an widget. I like how the widget gives you the option to include social media links which was primarily why I chose to include the widget in the first place. They also gave the option to include the image displayed on but I opted out of that because it was the same as my header photo; therefore, it would just be a duplicate image which would look repetitive.

I chose to do a gray/blue color scheme because it looked very clean in correlation to the header image I selected. The dark colors were able to accentuate my header but also have a cool tone to itself. I also chose to make my name as a large font to emphasize my name on my header.

Overall, I am proud of the layout of my professional blog, and I hope to continue to work on it and improve it throughout my undergraduate career.

Screencasting: Screencast-O-Matic Experience

When I first found out we had to do a screencast I was confused at first. However, I realized that my friend used to do them all the time for tutorials. The application is really interesting and actually pretty fun to use. I went on the website and once I downloaded the application, I began my process of comparing the two ePortfolios.

I decided to compare two different ePortfolios. I personally don’t have an but I thought the concept of the website was very intriguing. I actually want to create one eventually. I searched on the webpage and decided to compare Christopher Michel to Sharon Phillip’s because they both displayed different formats. Additionally, their bios displayed their accomplishments which highlights their success and attracts peoples’ attention. One thing that I specifically liked that Sharon did was that she incorporated her personality into it instead of solely listing her accomplishments.

I had to re-record the screencast multiple times. The first time I was unorganized with the websites and when the recording began, I wasn’t ready. The second time I recorded, I kept stumbling on my words and I couldn’t gather my ideas properly. I honestly thought the application itself was very easy to use and the different functions were very straightforward. I was expecting something more complicated because when I watch them it seems like a long process. However, it was the complete opposite. I was able to record with no issues other than how my voice sounds—but that’s just because I don’t like hearing my own voice playback to me.

This skill would come in handy with tutorials. It’s a great way to explain something because not only are you able to instruct someone, they are also able to follow the instructor at the same time. This would be helpful to people who are visual learners. Overall, I really enjoyed this project!

Podcast: Garageband Experience

Honestly, I did not expect to be able to talk as long as I did or how easy it was going to be. I actually had a lot of fun talking about what I was interested in especially in regards to what I want to contribute to my blog and my previous experience with a different blog platform. I think the hardest part about this project was actually picking two songs that would easily blend together and not be too much of a drastic change. I decided to choose the instrumental versions of Kygo’s “Firestone” and Mike Posner’s “I Took A Pill In Ibiza”.

Prior to this assignment, I’ve used other sound editing softwares such as Audacity and LogicPro. However, I wanted to challenge myself and try out Garageband so I could learn more about it. I personally do not own the software so I went to the Computer Lab to complete and edit my podcast. I honestly thought I would have trouble with splicing and editing the sound levels because I never really had to do that with previous projects. However, Garageband seemed pretty easy to navigate around and figure out which button functioned as what.

One of the hardest parts that I actually did have trouble with was adjusting the volume and fading out/in the two tracks. I ended up figuring it out by Googling it. After playing around with it for a little bit, I perfected the levels of all the tracks/voice recordings.

I am actually pretty proud with my work because it sounds clean and it flows well from track to track. I was surprised in the sense that I was able to learn Garageband so quickly. It felt kind of natural in a sense. To be honest, I don’t really know if I plan on pursuing a professional future in podcasting. I would most likely use it for personal projects. In terms of Garageband, I hope to learn more about the program once I buy my own Macbook and play with it on my own instead of at the computer lab.