First Post: WordPress Experience

When I found out that we had to make a blog for my Strategic Presentation in Media class, I got super excited! I knew I would have a lot of fun (and I did) making this blog. However, I’ve never used WordPress before because I’m more comfortable with Tumblr instead. Finding a theme for this blog was a little tough because I wanted to select all of them. The part I had the most trouble with when I was setting up this blog was working on the pages and attaching them to the menu. I’m really looking forward to building this blog and writing more often. I’ve always wanted to start writing and blogging about my life so I’m thankful that  this class is giving me the opportunity to do just that. I can make use of all the pictures on my iPhone now like these:

Left: Taken at Top of the Rock, NYC || Right: Sunny Isles Beach, Miami, FL


3 thoughts on “First Post: WordPress Experience

  1. This blog is set up perfectly! I love how you incorporated your own pictures instead of using pictures you found online. It gives your blog the ‘branding’ it needs to get across your personality to visitors of your page. I definitely agree that setting up this blog was hard, so I understand if you may have had some issues making it the way you wanted. However, one thing I would say is that I think you may need to change the formatting of your home page to make it feel a little more like a home base. I found it a little bit confusing that I could not tell apart this specific post from the homepage, so when choosing your theme I think it is important to have a distinguishable home page. Otherwise, I loved this first post, and I definitely think this blog will be incredibly interesting to follow.

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  2. I think you did a very good job of organizing and laying out your blog in a way that makes everything easily accessible and easy to read. This is very important because I have seen a lot of blogs so far (including mine) that are all over the place and just disorganized in general. I like that you are using this assignment as an opportunity to get into writing like you said you’ve always wanted to which is pretty cool. I can’t really think of anything negative to say about this blog so I guess I’ll say that you shouldn’t mention Tumblr on WordPress? idk


  3. I can relate to you on your experience of deciding on a theme. Finding a theme that fit my intentions with the blog was difficult because there were so many ways I could go about choosing one. In the end, I’m glad that you had a pleasant experience making this just as I had a pleasant time reading about it. I noticed that your font choice is relatively large, which is a good thing as it’s convenient for the reader’s sake (eye strain is terrible). Overall, I’m looking forward to your other posts.


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