Header: Pixlr Experience

Prior to creating a header to my blog, I was unaware of how difficult it was going to be especially the editing process. I created a Pixlr account and began the longest 2 hours of my life (maybe I’m exaggerating just a little bit). Choosing only 3 photos as my header was tough because I had a lot of photos on my phone that I wanted to showcase. When I finally decided, I created a background image with dimensions of 1188 x 240 because those dimensions fit perfectly according to the person who created the theme I’m using. I chose to include a photo of sushi by a local restaurant in my hometown, a photo of myself at the Top of the Rock in the City, and a panorama from Hollywood Beach, Miami, Florida. I choose these specific photos because I wanted to show a glimpse of the types of different genres of posts/photos I will be including in my personal blog. The sushi I took a photo of was one of my favorite food photos because the lighting was so perfect and I have just acquired a new taste for sushi. The Top of the Rock photo is one of my all-time favorite photos because I am a huge fan of New York City and how beautiful it is. The panorama was my last choice because I had just bought an iPhone 5s so it was intriguing how I was able to capture such a scenic view.

When it came to editing, I had a lot of trouble with the layering process. I chose not to watch the video tutorials because I always like to challenge myself and see if I can figure out how to use new software on my own. After numerous attempts with aligning the photos appropriately, I finally got the hang of it. Pixlr is a very complicated but very useful tool to work with. It’s advanced photo editing that is very similar to Photoshop in my opinion. I would be able to apply these newly acquired skills for any future projects throughout the rest of my undergraduate career but also when I have a job in the future. However, I believe that I would have to continue to work with the Web App to learn more about the different things Pixlr has to offer. I would like to explore more with editing photos and blending them together.


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