Podcast: Garageband Experience

Honestly, I did not expect to be able to talk as long as I did or how easy it was going to be. I actually had a lot of fun talking about what I was interested in especially in regards to what I want to contribute to my blog and my previous experience with a different blog platform. I think the hardest part about this project was actually picking two songs that would easily blend together and not be too much of a drastic change. I decided to choose the instrumental versions of Kygo’s “Firestone” and Mike Posner’s “I Took A Pill In Ibiza”.

Prior to this assignment, I’ve used other sound editing softwares such as Audacity and LogicPro. However, I wanted to challenge myself and try out Garageband so I could learn more about it. I personally do not own the software so I went to the Computer Lab to complete and edit my podcast. I honestly thought I would have trouble with splicing and editing the sound levels because I never really had to do that with previous projects. However, Garageband seemed pretty easy to navigate around and figure out which button functioned as what.

One of the hardest parts that I actually did have trouble with was adjusting the volume and fading out/in the two tracks. I ended up figuring it out by Googling it. After playing around with it for a little bit, I perfected the levels of all the tracks/voice recordings.

I am actually pretty proud with my work because it sounds clean and it flows well from track to track. I was surprised in the sense that I was able to learn Garageband so quickly. It felt kind of natural in a sense. To be honest, I don’t really know if I plan on pursuing a professional future in podcasting. I would most likely use it for personal projects. In terms of Garageband, I hope to learn more about the program once I buy my own Macbook and play with it on my own instead of at the computer lab.


4 thoughts on “Podcast: Garageband Experience

  1. Nice podcast! I like how you explained exactly what your blog is about and how you also talked about how big of a difference it is from Tumblr since it is much more challenging to create your own content than it is to simply reblog an image or a post that someone else made. I also liked how you highlighted how difficult it is to get acclimated to WordPress since its layout and design features are a bit confusing. My only recommendation would be to turn up the music a bit more when you are talking since it sounds like you completely muted it unless I had on headphones. Great work though.


  2. Wow your podcast definitely sounded professional the way you were able to play with your audio in and out of transitions. I love how you started the podcast with your greeting and followed it with more additional music before going completely into your full dialogue. I was very impressed with your skillset with GarageBand and I look forward to seeing what else you can do in the future.


  3. Your podcast was great to listen to and you sounded very comfortable while talking! The only thing is that when the first song ended, there was a moment of silence before the second one started. I would suggest blending them a little better so that they fade into each other. Great job!


  4. This was such a great blog post! Im so glad you talked about your experience with this class, because I definitely feel the same way about a lot of the things you said, and could relate to it all. One thing I would say to change is the cross fade of your music. Instead of fading out one and then fading into the other, it would be cool to fade them into each other. Awesome work and I’m excited to hear what else you have!


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