Screencasting: Screencast-O-Matic Experience

When I first found out we had to do a screencast I was confused at first. However, I realized that my friend used to do them all the time for tutorials. The application is really interesting and actually pretty fun to use. I went on the website and once I downloaded the application, I began my process of comparing the two ePortfolios.

I decided to compare two different ePortfolios. I personally don’t have an but I thought the concept of the website was very intriguing. I actually want to create one eventually. I searched on the webpage and decided to compare Christopher Michel to Sharon Phillip’s because they both displayed different formats. Additionally, their bios displayed their accomplishments which highlights their success and attracts peoples’ attention. One thing that I specifically liked that Sharon did was that she incorporated her personality into it instead of solely listing her accomplishments.

I had to re-record the screencast multiple times. The first time I was unorganized with the websites and when the recording began, I wasn’t ready. The second time I recorded, I kept stumbling on my words and I couldn’t gather my ideas properly. I honestly thought the application itself was very easy to use and the different functions were very straightforward. I was expecting something more complicated because when I watch them it seems like a long process. However, it was the complete opposite. I was able to record with no issues other than how my voice sounds—but that’s just because I don’t like hearing my own voice playback to me.

This skill would come in handy with tutorials. It’s a great way to explain something because not only are you able to instruct someone, they are also able to follow the instructor at the same time. This would be helpful to people who are visual learners. Overall, I really enjoyed this project!


4 thoughts on “Screencasting: Screencast-O-Matic Experience

  1. Hey, good job on your screencast. I actually used Christopher Michel’s eportfolio to compare also and what I realized now is that doesn’t give its users a whole lot of real estate for them to actually write down everything they need to in a more organized fashion. One thing I liked about your video was that you actually went through some of the things they wrote about in your video. One thing you might think about next time is the clicking sound your mouse makes when you record XD


  2. Nice job on your screencast. I really liked how you noticed some of the simple but important things during your screencast, such as the two links to Christopher Michel’s twitter account. That is something that I might miss myself or just not pay attention to. One thing that you could think about changing is to just speak up a little while recording. When I listened, there was a constant humming noise in the background that gave off a slight muffle affect to your voice.


  3. Your screencast was really well, the eportfolio that was feature truly capture the audience’s attention the only thing that was distracting was how unclear your microphone was in terms of audio, I would only suggest that next time you use a clearer device to record your voice.


  4. You organized yourself well during this take. I am inspired to check out portfolios as well. After this assignment, an eportfolio seems like a must have for us millennials going out into the work world. My only suggestion would be to go for a side by side comparison since the websites use the same host. The differences are easier to spot. But that is a nitpick, along with the sound quality. But that is difficult to manage without an expensive microphone or macbook. Good screencast!


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