Creative Process for the Midterm

When I first started working on the midterm project, the first dilemma I had was choosing a domain. I knew I wanted to do a professional blog this time around but I had already used my name for my personal blog as the domain. I decided to just add my middle initial to my full name as a domain which wasn’t the most creative thing, but I believe it made the most sense.

In terms of choosing a theme for my blog, I chose to do a theme that emphasized my header so I could display a self-portrait. Instead of choosing a specific skill of mine for this blog, I decided to just make it a general professional profile. By doing this, I have the ability to showcase multiple skills instead of just focusing on one. For example, I chose to do a screencast of how to do Basic HTML to highlight my skills on the computer. I thought that by doing the screencast, not only am I able to tell my employer that I know how to do basic HTML, but I can even show it through the screencast.

The next thing I chose to include in my blog was an widget. I like how the widget gives you the option to include social media links which was primarily why I chose to include the widget in the first place. They also gave the option to include the image displayed on but I opted out of that because it was the same as my header photo; therefore, it would just be a duplicate image which would look repetitive.

I chose to do a gray/blue color scheme because it looked very clean in correlation to the header image I selected. The dark colors were able to accentuate my header but also have a cool tone to itself. I also chose to make my name as a large font to emphasize my name on my header.

Overall, I am proud of the layout of my professional blog, and I hope to continue to work on it and improve it throughout my undergraduate career.


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