Top 5 Midterm Blogs

(In No Particular Order)

  1. Vailey Eberhard
    • The first thing I noticed when I came across Vailey’s blog is that the header she used is an actual photo of Easton Ave which I thought was a great choice as a header because of the fact that it related to the theme of her blog. I also thought that her choice of a domain was clever because of the alliteration that comes into play (eat and easton). When I scrolled through her blog I noticed that she included more than the requirement for the midterm project which was awesome because it made her blog that much more interesting to be on. For example, she included a poll for the audience to stumble upon and interact with. She also has a list of her own favorite places to go to. Her choice of media was a good one because of the fact that Hansel is no longer on Therefore, her screencast on how to order from their actual website is very helpful to those who have not used it. Furthermore, she included a slideshow widget on the righthand side which displays multiple photos of different restaurants on Easton Avenue. Her theme had a very clean look to it which was visually appealing.
  2. Carl Del Rosario
    • One of my favorite things on Carl’s blog was definitely his header. I thought it was clever to have one photo mirror itself as his header. Adding on, the photo itself was a great pick to represent his theme of poetry. With the microphone displayed in the photo, people can interpret that it was a snapshot of him presenting poetry through spoken word. I thought that his choice of media was very appropriate to the theme of his site because he recited his own poetry through a podcast. He was able to showcase both his professional side because it is basically an online poetry portfolio and his personal side because of what he says in the poems. Overall, I thought it was an awesome way to present himself professionally and personally through an online blog.
  3. Samuel Kim
    • I really liked Sam’s professional blog for multiple reasons. I thought that his selection of media was very appropriate and professional in the sense that he did a screencast showcasing his skill with troubleshooting. With this blog, he has the ability to show employers his actual skill instead of just saying he has a troubleshooting skill. I also like how he included a page designated to tutorials for his blog which allows users to easily navigate to his skills and how to do them. Not only did he do a screencast but he also included a written step-by-step process for those who want to follow along with the screencast.
  4. Jessica Lee
    • Jess chose to use an alternate website instead of WordPress. She used Wix which is actually a blog platform that I have never seen. I thought it was very interesting that she decided to do a different platform because when I clicked on her site I was very impressed with the design and format. Not only was it very clean to look at but it was also very organized with the menu on top. I like how she constructed an informative about me for people to really have an insight of who she is. Further, I like how she separated her photography and videography in two different sections.
  5. Amanda Crystal
    • I really like the concept of Amanda’s blog on Wix. There are a lot of DIY tutorials throughout the Internet but the fact that she constructed a website designated to all of her videos was a good choice. Visually, I really appreciated looking at her header and the format of her site. Her first post was a great introduction with what she does and even includes her modeling one of her projects. Her choice to create a video as her media was appropriate because she was able to demonstrate how to create a sharpie mug. I like how she even included a written process for people to follow along as well as a “read more” option after her preview text for people to want to click on.

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