When my group got together during class we each had different ideas for the final project. After some deliberation, we all decided that we wanted to create a video as our digital media. We wanted to work with NJPIRG because it was a well-known non-profit organization and Jessica has an internship with them right now. I hope that the project runs smoothly. I envision the video to help out one of NJPIRG’s campaigns. I want it to be influential but also entertaining to the audience. Unfortunately, before we could start on our storyboard, we found out that working with NJPIRG was very limited because of the fact that only Jessica was involved with the organization. Therefore, we had to decide on a different non-profit organization to work with. Luckily, I recently got in touch with an alumni from an organization that I am a part of (Rutgers Association of Philippine Students) who told me about a non-profit organization he wanted to build on with us. I suggested this organization to my group and they agreed to work with them. So now, we’re working with St. John’s Education Foundation where their mission is to help fund a scholar in the Philippines and enable them to pursue their dream career.


Although, I’m content with our storyboard, I do wish that our group spent more time with discussing specifics of what we wanted the storyboard to consist of. Further, I was frustrated because not everyone contributed to the storyboard at all. It was difficult trying to gather everyone’s opinions on what we wanted to include in the storyboard primarily because some people weren’t responding as quickly nor efficiently as we needed. Moving on, my vision for the video is still the same. I still want this video to be informative and moving. I want to include a portion of interviews with Filipino-Americans about what education is like the in the United States and compare it to how it is in the Philippines. I really like the layout of our storyboard and what we plan on including in the video. For the most part, our group pretty much shares similar goals and visions with what we want to accomplish with this project and for St. John’s. As far as the storyboard, I plan to meet with my group outside of class to fine-tune it and include more details about where we see the project going. I think delegating responsibilities will also help make it more productive among all of us and ensuring that everyone does something from here on out.

St. John’s Education Foundation Storyboard



One thought on “Storyboard

  1. Overall, I think our storyboard has a lot of room for variation. I think we have a good mindset of how to go about this project and the kinds of things we want to accomplish. I’m looking forward to working together on this project as a group!


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