This blog features a variety of material from daily thoughts, foodie adventures, and photos captured by the beautiful places I encounter.

This header contains remixed and modified images from my own personal photo library on my iPhone 5S. I chose to mix three of my images together to represent the types of posts you will encounter on my personal interest blog. I selected a photo of sushi because I like to take photos of my food especially when I am on a “foodie adventure.” Additionally, there’s a photo of me at the Top of the Rock in NYC overlooking the city because I wanted this self-portrait to represent future posts about myself that range from my own thoughts or just about my day. Finally, the last photo is a panoramic of Hollywood Beach, Miami, FL to represent my interest in taking photos of scenic places I get the pleasure of seeing. When I created the header, I chose to play around with the middle image by adjusting the brightness very slightly to accentuate the silhouette in the original photo. I also added a halftone filter because it added extra texture to the photo which I thought looked interesting.