Header: Pixlr Experience

Prior to creating a header to my blog, I was unaware of how difficult it was going to be especially the editing process. I created a Pixlr account and began the longest 2 hours of my life (maybe I’m exaggerating just a little bit). Choosing only 3 photos as my header was tough because I had a lot of photos on my phone that I wanted to showcase. When I finally decided, I created a background image with dimensions of 1188 x 240 because those dimensions fit perfectly according to the person who created the theme I’m using. I chose to include a photo of sushi by a local restaurant in my hometown, a photo of myself at the Top of the Rock in the City, and a panorama from Hollywood Beach, Miami, Florida. I choose these specific photos because I wanted to show a glimpse of the types of different genres of posts/photos I will be including in my personal blog. The sushi I took a photo of was one of my favorite food photos because the lighting was so perfect and I have just acquired a new taste for sushi. The Top of the Rock photo is one of my all-time favorite photos because I am a huge fan of New York City and how beautiful it is. The panorama was my last choice because I had just bought an iPhone 5s so it was intriguing how I was able to capture such a scenic view.

When it came to editing, I had a lot of trouble with the layering process. I chose not to watch the video tutorials because I always like to challenge myself and see if I can figure out how to use new software on my own. After numerous attempts with aligning the photos appropriately, I finally got the hang of it. Pixlr is a very complicated but very useful tool to work with. It’s advanced photo editing that is very similar to Photoshop in my opinion. I would be able to apply these newly acquired skills for any future projects throughout the rest of my undergraduate career but also when I have a job in the future. However, I believe that I would have to continue to work with the Web App to learn more about the different things Pixlr has to offer. I would like to explore more with editing photos and blending them together.


First Post: WordPress Experience

When I found out that we had to make a blog for my Strategic Presentation in Media class, I got super excited! I knew I would have a lot of fun (and I did) making this blog. However, I’ve never used WordPress before because I’m more comfortable with Tumblr instead. Finding a theme for this blog was a little tough because I wanted to select all of them. The part I had the most trouble with when I was setting up this blog was working on the pages and attaching them to the menu. I’m really looking forward to building this blog and writing more often. I’ve always wanted to start writing and blogging about my life so I’m thankful that ┬áthis class is giving me the opportunity to do just that. I can make use of all the pictures on my iPhone now like these:

Left: Taken at Top of the Rock, NYC || Right: Sunny Isles Beach, Miami, FL